Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Brussels sprout and diabetes

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder involving inefficient production and/or use of insulin.

Brussels sprout can be juiced and used to treat diabetes, as they strengthen pancreatic function and stimulate the production of insulin.

Diabetes can increase body’s requirements for both glutathione and lipoic acid. Lipoic acid increases glutathione levels by helping cells absorb a critical amino acid needed for its synthesis and it works to prevent stroke, heart attacks, peripheral nerve damage and cataracts as well as memory loss, cancer and aging effects.

Brussels sprout is a good source of alpha lipoic acid. Alpha-lipoic acid acts as a lipophilic free-radical scavenger. It can assist in repairing oxidative damage and regenerate endogenous antioxidants such as vitamin C, vitamin E and glutathione.

Lipoic acid supplements may normalize diabetes-induced kidney dysfunction and damage to nerve cells. where it additionally promote nerve fiber regeneration and stimulates a substance known as nerve growth factor.

Brussels sprouts is a good food source of vitamin E. Vitamin E improves the cardiovascular system in Type II diabetics. Vitamin E also helps to lower blood cholesterol.

Vitamin E needs increase with diabetes and this vitamin can help to decrease the amount of insulin required.
Brussels sprout and diabetes
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