Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Insulin challenge test

Removal of insulin from blood by the liver is important in the control of insulin levels. Most insulin in the blood is degraded in the liver. When this function of liver is reduce, insulin levels will be increase in the blood and led to insulin resistance.

The best test for measuring insulin resistance is to inject a patient with a small dose of short-acting insulin and observe what happens to the blood glucose.

Because of the expense involved (an intravenous line must be started and the patient observed continuously throughout the test), the insulin challenge test is not one routinely to screen for insulin resistance.
If the insulin secretory response in normal but glucose clearance is still slow, this indicates a problem in the effectiveness of the insulin.

When this suspected, an insulin challenge test can be performed: a standard close of insulin is administered to determine how rapidly and completely plasma glucose concentrations are depressed.
Insulin challenge test
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