Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Artificial sweetener and association with diabetes

Artificial sweeteners a.k.a. non-nutrient sweeteners came in vogue during the World War I & II when due to agricultural crisis sugar production was falling. Artificial Sweeteners are used as food additives in the United States, as sugar alternatives. Artificial sweeteners consumption gained much popularity owing to their reduced costs, low caloric intake and perceived health benefits for weight reduction and normalization of blood sugar levels1.

Consumption of artificial Sweeteners has been associated with an increased risk of weight gain, obesity and type II diabetes.

Type II diabetes is caused by insulin resistance and is more common in obese patients. Physiological evidence included consumption in the form of in diet soda/soft drinks. In a large meta-analysis of prospective studies (17 cohorts with 38 253 cases) it has been shown that artificial sweeteners were associated with risk of type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM), and may not be as healthy alternative to sugar sweetened beverages as projected.

One of the example of artificial sweetener is aspartame. Although aspartame is a low caloric sweetener and has no effect on glycemic control, diabetic patients are advised to consume only minimal quantity as studies have shown that aspartame has both harmful and beneficial effects on the lifestyle and metabolism of diabetic patients who depend on it. Particularly, aspartame has been linked to the exacerbation of diabetes, headache, seizures, depression, arthritis and other medical conditions.
Artificial sweetener and association with diabetes
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