Monday, November 12, 2012

High sugar in blood

Some people have too much sugar in their blood. The extra sugar in their blood makes them tired and thirsty.

The body needs glucose or blood sugar for energy.

Beta cells in islets of Langerhans produce a hormone called insulin. The insulin allows glucose to pass into the body’s cells. Insulin helps to regulate sugar level.

In diabetes, the body makes glucose as usual. The glucose enter the blood stream but then something goes wrong. In some people, the body failed to produce sufficient amounts of insulin. The result is that the liver does not turn as much sugar into glycogen as it normally would.

In others, the pancreas makes insulin, but the body’s doesn’t use it well. Glucose accumulates in the blood, resulting in serious symptoms from mental confusion to uncontrollable obesity, blindness, even coma.

There are two types of diabetes:
Type 1: People with type I diabetes require external insulin to allow sugar to pass from the blood into cells. Type 2: People with type 2 diabetes are not dependent on external insulin to allow sugar into cells

The kidneys try to get rid of the extra sugar, so one of the signs of diabetes is that sugar is present in the urine.
High sugar in blood
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